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a staff surmounted by a crook or cross carried by bishops as a symbol of pastoral office


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Crozier stresses that an organization limits as much as it enables action and cannot, therefore, be conceptualized solely as a prospective solution, albeit an imperfect one.
Crozier found that the thing would barely run, was difficult to handle and couldn't pull two plows.
Crozier faces a minimum of six years and three months in prison for each charge, but the court will decide whether the sentences run concurrently or consecutively.
Jim Crozier and Justin Aronson of Trammell Crow Company's New York office represented EquiLend in the long-term office leasing transaction.
Wayne Crozier, 45, of Canyon Country was pulled over shortly after 10:30 p.
Football Association chief executive Adam Crozier emerged from the talks at the headquarters of the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) and spoke of "a good meeting".
WHEN oily Scot Adam Crozier breezed into the FA to sweep away the cobwebs and old farts in football's bright new revolution, he committed the heinous crime of not wearing a tie.
As a boy growing up in post--World War I Australia and then in the south of France and London, Brian Crozier displayed great artistic promise, teaching himself to play the piano and becoming versatile in classical music composition.
DALLAS -- After growing from 3 markets in 2005 to 9 markets in 2006, Crozier & Henderson Productions, producers of American's #1 new home lifestyle program, Hot On
One of the pub burglars, Carl Crozier, also took part in the invasion of a frail 86-year-old man's home, in which an intruder brazenly strolled past the shocked pensioner.
Kevin Crozier, 28, formerly resided at 11 Dixfield Road, which burned to the ground New Year's Day.
ITV boss Adam Crozier has blamed the BBC for his network's ratings slump, saying his rival spends too much on some programmes.
For more information on the event please contact Katie Crozier via e-mail: k.
Summary: Former FA chief executive Adam Crozier has criticised the decision to renew Fabio Capello's contract before the World Cup.