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Synonyms for crow




Synonyms for crow

to talk with excessive pride

to feel or express an uplifting joy over a success or victory

Words related to crow

black birds having a raucous call

the cry of a cock (or an imitation of it)

a member of the Siouan people formerly living in eastern Montana

Related Words

a small quadrilateral constellation in the southern hemisphere near Virgo


a Siouan language spoken by the Crow

express pleasure verbally

utter shrill sounds

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Per the study, " The burger-fed crows had higher cholesterol than nearby rural crows that weren't given fast food.
As The Storm Crow (Sourcebooks Fire, $17.99, 9781492672937, eBook available) opens, Princess Thia of Rhodaire is soaring over the city of Aris, perched on the back of a strong and beautiful storm crow.
Everywhere I went people would ask me to demonstrate my craft, They would gape in disbelief seeing crows respond to my calls," said Soni, who moved to Dubai two years ago.
Speaking to ANI, the secretary of the organisation, said, "We opened the park to save the crows. Since all of us have been making an effort to save them, we will surely get the blessings of our ancestors."
We got a few bones from the dustbins of a local eatery that would be used to bait the crows.
At campsites, for example, crows will open and selectively pick through unattended backpacks.
Crows can be found across North America, with an expanded population thanks to deforestation, according to ( National Geographic .
As a teenager, Joseph Medicine Crow heard eyewitness accounts of the 1876 Battle of the Little Bighorn from his step-grandfather, White Man Runs Him.
Crows, especially New Caledonian crows, have been observed making tools in the wild, but no one had ever caught them doing so on camera.
A recent study shows that crows react very actively to the concept of death.
On 31 August 1997, GN watched 25-30 Northwestern Crows at 11:30 PDT as they settled in the lawn at her house near Gooseberry Point opposite Lummi Island, Whatcom County, Washington (48[degrees]44'N, 122[degrees]41'W).
Farmers say corvid attacks on sheep peaked in 2013 when late snow weakened surviving lambs and carrion crows exacted a grim toll as they feasted on the eyes and tongues of ewes and their lambs.
Crows' ability to find carcasses even within a canopy-covered forest is uncanny.
The British Trust of Ornithology said: "Crows are intelligent and I'm sure it knew what it was doing.