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Ground cover included plains bristlegrass, Setaria macrostachya (Poaceae), peppergrass, prickly Russian thistle, Coulter's horseweed, golden crownbeard, hairyseed bahia, Bahia absinthifolia (Asteraceae), burroweed, Isocoma tenuisecta (Asteraceae), silverleafnightshade, copper globemallow, and trailing windmills.
It has been observed that herbaceous plants in the "low, wet woods" tend to grow no more than 1 m high (Phlox glaberrima, smooth phlox, is typical); those in the "low, dry woods" may reach slightly over 1 m (such as Verbesina helianthoides, yellow crownbeard); those in the "high, dry woods" may reach 2 m or more (Phytolacca americana is dominant and this area has been dubbed the "pokeweed forest").
These plants, which tend to reach 0.5-1.5 m in height, include Asclepias purpurascens (purple milkweed), Phryma leptostachya (lopseed), Porteranthus stipulatus (American ipecac or Indian physic), Ruellia strepens (wild petunia), Smilacina racemosa (false Solomon's seal), and Verbesina helianthoides (yellow crownbeard).
Verbesina helianthoides Michx.: Yellow crownbeard; June; low, dry woods; infrequent; USIH 947.
Johnswort (Hypericum frondosum) coralberry (Symphoricarpos orbiculatus), glade privet (Forestieria ligustrina), white crownbeard (Verbasina virginica), and/ or white flowered leaf cup (Polymnia candaensis), while the ground is often carpeted by moss (Quarterman 1950).