crown of thorns

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Synonyms for crown of thorns

any affliction that causes great suffering


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somewhat climbing bushy spurge of Madagascar having long woody spiny stems with few leaves and flowers with scarlet bracts

a mock crown made of thorn branches that Roman soldiers placed on Jesus before the Crucifixion

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Revelation of the existence of the real Crown of Thorns stands to destroy the Christian belief of the revered reliquary that has been held in the Notre Dame Cathedral since 1239.
WHEN they had platted a crown of thorns, they put it upon His head - and led Him away to crucify Him.
She brought a piece of the crown of thorns, forced on to Christ's head before he was crucified, to Scotland in 1561.
Crown Of Thorns Concern that this horse, who has a history of physical problems, is switching to dirt for first time.
What will Cranach's Head of Christ with Crown of Thorns, ca.
Their child-size crown of thorns is just the ticket to make sure your Sunday school kids know what suffering is all about.
Dubai: Two of four different species of a coral-killing starfish, called Crown of Thorns (COT), have been found on the East Coast.
The message said the stripes on candy canes "remind us of Jesus' suffering--his crown of thorns, the wounds in his hands and feet; and the cross on which he died," while the white part of the candy "stands for Jesus as the holy, sinless Son of Cod.
A pair of Richard Mandella- trained colts, Crown of Thorns and Into Mischief, are part of the individual entries, and a third Mandella colt -- Dixie Chatter -- that has fallen behind others because of an injured hind ankle, is part of the mutuel field.
Along with bleaching and disease, the alien species known as the crown of thorns starfish is having a devastating impact on the Great Barrier Reef and other important coral formations.
Roman soldiers stripped him and placed a crown of thorns on his head and he was nailed to a wooden cross.
The sculpture, by Ales Vesely, looks like a combination of a skeleton, a giant emaciated crow and a crown of thorns or barbed wire; it was, the inscription explained, "symbolically placed above the memorial of Jan Palach and Jan Zajic," two students who immolated themselves in 1969 to protest the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia and the destruction of the Prague Spring.
During the provocative passage in her concert, Madonna is shown on a mirrored cross wearing a crown of thorns.
The family-run Holy Land Imports, LLC, offers unique headgear for the dedicated Christian: a lovingly handmade Crown of Thorns just like Jesus wore.
Madonna has sparked a storm of controversy by kicking off her world tour with a mock crucifixion while wearing a crown of thorns.