crown jewels

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regalia (jewelry and other paraphernalia) worn by a sovereign on state occasions

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The dad of Prince William and Prince Harry won't be required to wear crown jewels as the new king.
These so-called crown jewels are the prized real estate belonging to the government of any country.
The indications we have been given is our crown jewels will be shown on the main ITV channel," he said.
Once you understand your global crown jewels and adversaries, you can and should build risk-based real security around the things that matter most.
Entrance to the Tower of London including the Crown Jewels exhibition ?
David Kelsey four from Dobshill with his crown jewels L-R: The real Crown jewels, Faye Kelsey, 9, showing off her handiwork and Annabel Wearing, 4, making her crown jewels
London, July 16 ( ANI ): A French city is demanding the Crown Jewels from Britain's Queen as payment for the murder of Edward Plantagenet, the Earl of Warwick, 500 years ago.
Replicas of the British Royal family's Crown Jewels will be part of the next Sotheby's Jewels Sale on 13 March 2012 in London.
So he worked out a plan that could enable him to steal the Crown Jewels.
THE CROWN JEWELS is a wide-ranging pick highly recommended for arts and collectibles collections as well as any with an interest in jewelry history.
The Olympics, the football World Cup Finals and the Grand National top the current list of crown jewels which must be shown on free TV.
Among the inquiry's recommendations when the report is published today will be one that, because of the overwhelming interest in Wales' Six Nations matches - with around seven in 10 households tuning in - they should be put on the Crown Jewels list.
The inquiry team decided Wales' Six Nations matches should be on the Crown Jewels list because as many as seven out of 10 households tune in.
We are cash-neutral, so we can afford to buy before we sell but we won't sell our crown jewels," said Peace.
The Members of the Crown Jewels is getting ready for their next event, The Royal Purple Luncheon at Spago, where Leeza Gibbons will be their guest speaker.