crown jewels

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regalia (jewelry and other paraphernalia) worn by a sovereign on state occasions

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FIT FOR A QUEEN OR KING: Kimberley Gatmann from Stanney High School admiring the replica crown, while Daniel McKeegan is `crowned' by David Lynch, owner of the replica crown jewels
The protected "crown jewels" of mainstream televised sport include such long-standing events as the Grand National, Derby, England's home Tests, World Cup finals, the Olympics and Wimbledon Championships.
The panel, chaired by former Football Association executive director David Davies, has recommended to the Government that home Tests between England and Australia are restored to the list of crown jewels from 2016.
THE firm which guards the Crown Jewels was today put in charge of repairs to 30,000 Birmingham council houses.
I am, however, indebted to Popbitch, the electronic gossip shop, who caught the prince on a windy day and assure us that his crown jewels are 100 per cent McKosher.
Queen Elizabeth II recently opened up about the downsides of having to wear crown jewels.
Q HAS there ever been an attempt to steal the crown jewels from the Tower of London?
THE Queen has provoked outrage by refusing to wear her ceremonial robes and Scotland's Crown Jewels for the state opening of the Holyrood parliament.
The Koh-i-noor diamond is currently part of Britain's crown jewels, but those lobbying for its return say it was unjustly stolen from India in the late 19th century.
He said: "Shaun is the crown jewels up there at the moment and we will make some provision for him.
SERIAL streaker Mark Roberts (right) seems to enjoy showing his crown jewels to royalty.
Oh, how shocked we were when he tore off his shirt and opened his flies to reveal his crown jewels. "Go on, touch it," he yelled at a blonde - who obliged.
TOM WALKINSHAW has been accused of using English club rugby as a smokescreen to get his hands on the game's crown jewels.
THE under-fire president of top Italian side Fiorentina last night vowed not to sell his two remaining 'crown jewels' Rui Costa and Francesco Toldo.
Not everything will be up for auction, as we will retain the 'crown jewels' for a museum."