crown gall

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a bacterial disease of plants (especially pome and stone fruits and grapes and roses) which forms excrescences on the stem near the ground

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Stan Howell and others at Michigan State University grew vines grafted onto 3309 rootstock but found such vines "were overly vigorous, with low productivity, excessive winter damage and crown gall," according to NYSAES Bulletin 149.
Based on reports over the past 30 years, the list of countries with grapevine crown gall includes China, Japan, South Africa, Chile, Israel, many countries in Europe, the Middle East, and many countries in North and South America.
Crown gall tumor disc bioassay: a possible aid in the detection of compounds with antitumor activity.
Agrobacterium radiobacter k1026 is a biopesticide used to control the crown gall disease of fruits and trees and shrubs.
Professor Abhaya Dandekar and doctoral candidate Matthew Escobar, of the UC Davis pomology department, discovered that gene silencing can be used to interrupt the process of tumor formation in crown gall disease.
Crown gall tumors vary considerably in their morphology, ranging from recognizable stem or root tissue to a chaotic mixture of cell types (Drummond, 1979).
Hard and "woody," burls differ from crown galls, destructive growths found at the soil line or root level, which have been described as "punky" or rotting; crown gall bacteria from the soil can enter a plant through wounds caused by such innocuously "suburban" implements as lawn mowers .
The promoter and hormone-synthesis genes are transferred to target plants using tumor-forming crown gall bacteria.
to field-test tobacco plants genetically engineered to resist tumors caused by crown gall disease.
The winery's 2,200 acres of Estate vineyards are the site of irrigation, crown gall and integrated pest management research as well as the propagation of virus-free root stock.
Growers didn't realize they had crown gall until those two winters brought it out.
He and several collaborators named three new bacterial species that affected plants, and published a paper showing for the first time that crown gall of plants could be cured.
During the first decade of the 20th century, the plant disease crown gall was found to be caused by the soil bacteria later called A.
Crown Gall is a neoplastic plant disease caused by A.