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Abi Mansley, programmes officer at Northumberland National Park Authority, said: "The water crowfoot survey is one of the activities we have carried out as part of our drive to enhance nature within the national park.
Several hundred pounds of clams per day per man was considered an ordinary catch using the crowfoot method.
Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 1964.
Crowfoot, another name for the Nuer flowers, appears in the month of January until the beginning of May, and has a strong aromatic lavender-like smell as it is a medicinal plant used as an anti-stress, emetic and diuretic medicine, he said.
So here were all the Indians sitting around the room and there was the great chief Crowfoot sitting there looking mighty glum.
She [Becca] wonders what George Armstrong Crowfoot has in his heart that gives him the confidence to offer his own depiction of the history of the world.
You'll have a giggle at the names up for grabs, but which ones are best depend on your specific pond, not just your delight at buying water violets, monkey tail, crowfoot, frogbit, parrot's feather or hortwort.
Early Blue, Crowfoot, Common Dog viola sororia, viola riviniana
Late in the spring of 1877 the Sioux leader Sitting Bull and Chief Crowfoot met at a Blackfoot hunting camp north of the Cypress Hills.
ha-1) reduced barnyard grass, flat sedge and crowfoot grass density by 75, 67 and 74% and their dry weight by 66, 71 and 76%, respectively, while 1/3 of the recommended dose of butachlor (400 g a.
Kevin Sorenson, Member of Parliament for Crowfoot, today announced that the Government of Canada will be investing in infrastructure improvements at Atlas No.
But the national winner was Ammon Crowfoot, a high school basketball player and cross-country running star from Alberta.
The other team members were Trish Stow, Raquel Flint AiN, activity officer Christine West and Cathy Crowfoot AiN.
However, his three charges dominated the 1m2f handicap, with the Murtaghridden Man Of Iron coming through strongly to beat stablemates Crowfoot and Chief Lone Eagle.
The heel of the crowfoot should have a sharp curved heel to produce a neat-round bead.