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a situation in which people or things are crowded together

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The report broke down the findings from 2005 and 2013 by borough, showing that the Bronx experienced the biggest increase in severe crowding, jumping 74.
Of course, the Times columnist wasn't alone in fanning the flames of the anti-NCLB hysteria, but his influential columns made it easier for city officials to avoid talking about the real reasons for the problems, namely, a demographic bubble that was moving its way through the city's middle and high schools, combined with the city's new initiative to create experimental "schools within schools" in certain buildings, a policy that required a cap on enrollment in some schools at the cost of crowding elsewhere.
While no single factor stands out as the reason why crowding occurs, GAO found the factor most commonly associated with crowding was the inability to transfer emergency patients to inpatient beds once a decision had been made to admit them as hospital patients rather than to treat and release them.
Treatment Objectives: The objectives were to maintain the Class I occlusion while alleviating the mandibular crowding through a combination of proclination and interproximal reduction.
He is an international expert on environmental stress resulting from noise, crowding, inadequate housing, and air pollution.
The human capacity to adapt to crowding has evolutionary parallels in other primates.
The crowded category had a minimum of 7mm of crowding or more and the non-crowded category had crowding or spacing not exceeding 1mm.
DISPELLING WIDELY HELD myths about various ethnic groups' tolerance of crowding, a new study finds that Asian Americans and Latin Americans are just as uncomfortable in crowded homes as are Anglo Americans (Americans of European descent) and African Americans.
For humans, the crowding of once-pristine North American beaches seems merely a nuisance.
Mandibular Incisor crowding is one of the common problem faced by orthodontic patients.
At the South Central Animal Shelter, crowding forced workers to place an 11-year-old blind Akita into a kennel where six other dogs vied for food and water.
The purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence of permanent incisor crowding in the maxillary and mandibular arches among Saudi schoolchildren.
Several criticized the authority for considering a hike at the same time that it refuses to buy enough buses to comply with a court official's orders, part of the implementation of a 1996 court-sanctioned agreement designed to reduce bus crowding.
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