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Synonyms for crowded

Synonyms for crowded

affording little room for movement

having all parts near to each other

excessively filled with detail

Antonyms for crowded

overfilled or compacted or concentrated


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Finally, information was gained from various secondary sources, including: Stad in Balans (Gemeente Amsterdam 2015), key figures of Amsterdam Marketing, research reports on Amsterdam residents and their attitudes towards tourism and tourists (Gerritsma 1999; Raaf 2008; Pool 2008), Beleving van drukte in de binnenstad (perceived crowdedness in the city centre) (Westenberg 2015) and Het Parool newspaper.
KPMG, 2011) Multi-channel retail merchants shift from selecting orders from shops to do that from e-fulfillment hubs in zones where sales crowdedness supports this.
In conclusion, visitors to Pulau Payar were most satisfied with variety of reef fishes and least satisfied with the crowdedness at the Marine Park.
The angel had flown from my shoulder in order to find Neda's address, but it wasn't able to return to my shoulders in Tehran's crowdedness and chaotic winter weather.
True ystanbulites can resent those who have come later for this reason and their part in creating congestion and crowdedness.
The study also shows that contextual factors such as the level of crowdedness of a user's environment can be stronger predictors of the effectiveness of real-time marketing than factors such as user demographics and historic behaviour.
Crowdedness and temporal untidiness also describe the Russian countryside in Dead Souls where movement, journey, and road are central elements.
Situation-specific variables as determinants of perceived environmental aesthetic quality and perceived crowdedness.
that there was no association between common cold infections and dorm crowdedness or ventilation rate.
The emphatic power of the term: nine dragons who are stirring up the South China Sea--underlines the nature of crowdedness of the South China Sea: "realities are changing much faster than our politicians, diplomats, and lawyers can handle them"[25].
Yu-Dong Yao, Director of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, “This project capitalizes on multi-disciplinary knowledge in control systems and machine learning techniques to revolutionize spectrum efficiency in cognitive radio networks, potentially alleviating the crowdedness of spectrum occupancy and supporting the co-existence of heterogeneous devices.
One becomes aware that there are areas of density and sparseness, crowdedness and openness, that affect the rhythm of one's looking and moving through the space.
His criticism of European city life, with its mention of noise, hurried activities, traffic, crowdedness and loose customs, reinforces the image of Europe as a place where things are moving forward.
Each room can accommodate 6 to 8 women but in case of over crowdedness the number increases even up to 10.