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The last song Holes brought the crowd together once again singing and clapping.
With the crowd together, we were able to come back.
Tampa was starving for some Bollywood action and that Khan wasn't charming enough to hold the crowd together for a four-hour-spectacle at Mid Florida Credit Union Amphitheatre, an outdoor venue.
The research, published in the journal Nature, showed that mole rat hyaluronan activates a powerful anti-cancer gene called p16 which prevents cells proliferating when too many of them crowd together.
Their research found that a specific gene-p16-makes the cancerous cells in naked mole rats hypersensitive to overcrowding, and stops them from proliferating when too many crowd together.
There's no need to tell Cafe 21 you're coming, just get a crowd together.
of Nevada) and Knutsson (police research, Norwegian Police University College) make the case for careful, thoughtfully constructed tactics; and they emphasize the interactive aspects, that is, that police and crowd together can create violence or defuse it.
In "Peripeteia," he writes: "A summer night -- the rising moon / casts sequins on the dark lagoon." In "Apotheosis," readers are given "gondolas nodding at their tether / like restive horses crowd together." On a visual level, the book contains nine beautiful (some titillating) wood engravings by the artist Wesley W.
The cockpit is nicely decked out in go-fast livery and has triple high-back stern seats that crowd together to form a bench.
ALL ABOARD: Tourists crowd together after, inset, boarding the military plane REUTERS
Chickens and dogs crowd together in the shade of the new water tank they have brought in.
Bernal and her colleagues found, however, that frogs are more likely to chuck as males crowd together. Detecting the presence of a bigger cluster of possible mates or meals could benefit all the searchers, the researchers suggest.
"Who could have brought this crowd together but Coretta?" said the Reverend Joseph E.
Some would stand alone like arboreal explorers in a wilderness of adverse conditions, others would crowd together in forests dense enough to affect gravity.
Among other things, our cover story on conservation medicine is a primer on the consequences of our horrendous relationship with the other animals on this planet, from the ones we crowd together, feed to one another, shoot up with drugs and then eat to those in the wild that we arrogantly displace through reckless actions and unchecked population growth.