crowd control

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activity of controlling a crowd

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Around 400 personnel of the MMDA will help the Manila Police District in ensuring crowd control during the procession.
No crowd control so that the crowd was able to push him over the ledge, and then to add insult to injury, he winds up not even being given basic and routine first aid.
Sources claim that the police were already using chilli- filled PAVA grenades as a crowd control measure in Kashmir.
A seasoned name across the MO scene, Discount Crowd Control has been operating for over a decade now.
Crowd Control HQ is a classic case of savvy entrepreneurs spotting a potential market and exploiting it for all it is worth - which in this case translates into an estimated annual turnover of some PS500,000 within three years of start up.
And this long stretch of the riverbank is the most sensitive area of Maha Kumbh Nagar where a poorly-managed massive crowd swell can lead to an untoward incident, an officer familiar with crowd control measures told Gulf News.
Jose Maria Olazabal leads the Europeans into battle at Medinah in September and Monty insists lessons on crowd control must be learned from Celtic Manor.
Yes we may have a brand new bus station, but if they have their way the travelling public will be no better off because the crowd control system around that area, plus the queuing system in front of the Central Station for rail travellers, would prohibit use of the bus station yet again.
The "Skunk" crowd control substance can now be sprayed on violent mobs from above.
In this occasion, the use of non-violent tactics for crowd control, the proportional use of force and the respect for civil and human rights are being emphasized, the release said.
Despite concerns among activists over Bahrain's human rights record, British firms were last year granted licences to export an arsenal of deadly crowd control weapons.
Deadly stampedes are relatively common at temples in India, where large crowds - sometimes hundreds of thousands of people - gather in tiny areas with no safety measures or crowd control.
It is hard to believe that there is "no workable plan for crowd control before or after matches", given that major concerts and football matches have been held there, all of which need detailed crowd control plans.
The report due out Tuesday is authored by head of the department's consent decree bureau, Gerald Chaleff, and the new crowd control bureau deputy chief, Michael Hillman.
MANCHESTER UNITED have welcomed UEFA's decision to embrace new crowd control measures for major European matches.