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a low evergreen shrub with small purple flowers and black berrylike fruit

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Resident Linda Percival, spokeswoman for Stoptheplot2011, said: "There is a clear boundary to the village and Crowberry Lane opens out onto open fields.
Resident Linda Percival, spokeswoman for a protest group called Stoptheplot2011, said: "There is a clear boundary to the village and Crowberry Lane opens out onto open fields.
On its moorland the mix of heathers, bilberry and crowberry provide cover and food for red grouse, wheatear, skylark and ring ouzel.
Table 1 Berries and Other Plants Harvested by the Teetl'it Gwich'in Tetlit Gwich'in English Latin Natl'at Cranberry/Lingonberry Vaccinium viti-idaea Jak na Dwarf Blueberry/ Vaccinium caespitosum Bog Bilberry Vaccinium uliginosum Nakal Cloudberry Rubus chamaemorus Nichih Rosehips Rosa acicularis Ts'iivii ch'ok Juniper Berries Juniperus communis Deetree jak Black Currant Ribes hudsonianum Nee'uu Red Currant Ribes triste Shis jak Red Bearberry Arctostaphylos rubra Dineech'uh Crowberry Empetrum nigrum
Hayley Turner, who rode sixth-placed Crowberry, was given a two-day ban (May 3031) for careless riding after her mount had badly hampered the newcomer Ngauruhoe.
Hills around Blaenavon are carpeted with dense heather, and still have red grouse, along with crowberry and cowberry.
Above 900 m in elevation, the grassland-forb-shrub formation is replaced by an alpine vegetation dominated by extensive heath mats of crowberry (Empetrum nigrum), alpine azalea (Loiseleuria procumbens), diapensia (Diapensia lapponica), Kamchatka rhododendron (Rhododendron kamtschaticum), purple heather (Phyllodoce empetriformis), Alaska heather (Cassiope lycopodioides), alpine bearberry (Arctostaphylos alpina), mountain cranberry (Vaccinium vitis idea), bog blueberry (V.
It's thought the lead climber had put a safety sling round a spike of rock which suddenly broke away, causing both to plunge off Crowberry Ridge - a relatively easy climb for experienced climbers.
But the climbers, from England, were dead when the team arrived at the area, called Crowberry Gully.
Of these, 20 are edible and the best known are lingonberry, cranberry, cloudberry, blueberry, crowberry and buckthorn berry.
5) The Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta ecosystem, a flat wetland region pocked with peat mounds and sand dunes, is dominated by the dwarf scrub crowberry (Empetrum nigrum).
After a mug-up, we rested in pale sunlight on crowberry mats that smelled of resin.
Sources like Chokeberry, Mountain ash berry, Japanese plum, Cherry plum, Rabbiteye blueberry, Bog whortleberry, Date, Mango, Crowberry, Rosehip, Buckwheat, Millet, Fababean, Chicory, Ginseng, Taro, Turnip, Eggplant, Perilla, Rhubarb and Tamarind are discussed along with many others.