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MSRP: $5.95 (Talon), $12.95 (Crow's Foot) and $14.95 (Bow Holst)
In one specimen the anterior nerve of Latarjet alone was observed without branches and at its termination the usual crow's foot appearance was not observed (Figure 2).
The anterior gastric nerve ends at incisura angularis by forming a crow's foot appearance.
The crow's foot appearance at the level of termination was noted in 83.6% of our cases whereas Shuang Qin Yi observed this appearance in all his cases (100%).
A diamond-back knurl allows more torque to be applied, and an integrated hexagonal section enables the use of a wrench or crow's foot for even more torque.
Botham furiously rejected claims that he cheated on Kathy in a sex and drugs romp with a former Miss Barbados, and said: "I wouldn't know her from a crow's foot."