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a small piece of toasted or fried bread

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Spread a little mousseline on each crouton and divide the basil amongst the croutons.
Fresh Mushroom and Spinach Soup with Garlic Croutons
In this recipe we are using Crottin cheese which is small, round and firm yet crumbly, so cut it into three even rounds ready to be placed on top of the croutons.
Using an 8cm circular cutter stamp out 4 large croutons.
Snack croutons, in a range of sizes and shapes and with a wide selection of flavours, can now be made on a conventional extrusion line.
Olivia's Croutons is a small, Vermont-based company that produces phenomenal vegan Multi-Grain with Garlic croutons.
The Croutons option will be made up of rock salt ciabatta; Italian cheese & garlic; and sun dried tomato & roasted pepper (1.
Served with garlic and chilli crouton, this spiced onion broth will banish any of your belly's winter cobwebs
Cut four circles out of the bread with a small tea cupto make a crouton.
Find a large round cutter and cut each slice of bread into a round crouton that will cover the top of your soup bowl.
A long, slender crouton was anchored at attention by the mashed potatoes mounded in the center of the bowl.
Fresh Gourmet brand innovated the crouton category when it became the first produce crouton brand 25 years ago.
It is a hearty meal with the thick cheesy crouton and the deep brown onion broth below.
The UK crouton market is growing fast and, although croutons were initially mainly used as all accompaniment to soups, the past few years have seen a growing trend for their use with salads or even as a snack.