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Synonyms for croup

a disease of infants and young children

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the part of an animal that corresponds to the human buttocks

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Young Mary Joe never saw anybody with croup and Mrs.
"I know exactly what to do for croup. You forget that Mrs.
"Minnie May has croup all right; she's pretty bad, but I've seen them worse.
I wouldn't have had any idea myself, for I never saw a case of croup. There now, never mind talking till you've had your dinner.
Yes; I've nursed five children and buried three; and the one I loved the best of all, and tended through croup, and teething, and measles, and hooping-cough, and brought up with foreign masters, regardless of expense, and with accomplishments at Minerva House--which I never had when I was a girl--when I was too glad to honour my father and mother, that I might live long in the land, and to be useful, and not to mope all day in my room and act the fine lady--says I'm a murderess.
Ut was a lesson thot the name was musfortunate, but she would no take ut, an' there was talk when she called her first child Samuel--hum thot died o' the croup. An' wuth thot what does she do but call the next one Samuel, an' hum only three when he fell un tull the tub o' hot watter an' was plain cooked tull death.
The horses' croups began to sway in the front line.
Dr Clement Egbo, a medical practitioner with a private hospital in Benin, recommends wearing thick clothes to avoid croup infection, as the rainy season continues.
Paul Fokam, CEO of Afriland First Croup and Cervais Djondo, president of ASKY airlines, during the inaugural meeting of the AfroChampions Club in October 2017.
Acute croup is a common admitting diagnosis for pediatric patients.
He was diagnosed with croup. Tracheostomy was done in emergency due to his worsening condition.
But the old favourites like flu and croup are as seasonal as they come.
LITTLE fighter Reuben Humphreys is on the mend after his terrifying croup scare.
Photographer, Owen, is now urging other parents to get clued up on croup and to follow their instincts if they think their child has the symptoms.