croton oil

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viscid acrid brownish-yellow oil from the seeds of Croton tiglium having a violent cathartic action

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Drugs and chemicals: Indomethacin, sodium chloride, sulfuric ether, butanol, acetonitrile and sodium bicarbonate, acetic acid (Merck), lambda-carrageenan (Sigma), heparin (Liquemine[TM] Roche), phentanile (Fentanyl[TM], Janssen), croton oil (Veado d'Ouro, Sao Paulo, Brazil), dexamethasone (Merck Sharp and Dohme), formalin (Sigma).
Mice were treated then with 20 [micro]l of a fresh solution of croton oil (2.
4 [micro]g croton oil and appropriate amounts of test samples were applied to the inner surface of the right ear of each mouse.
Croton oil, hydrocortisone and indomethacin were obtained from Sigma-Aldrich (Milan, Italy).
Croton oil, indomethacin and ursolic and oleanolic acids were Sigma products (Sigma, Milan, Italy).
In mice ear edema (induced by phorbol-12-mirystate-13-acetate, croton oil and arachidonic acid), taraxasteryl acetate showed a topical anti-inflammatory activity similar to the extract, but at 1/20 of the dose.
Key words: Bauhinia tarapotensis, anti-inflammatory activity, triterpenes, croton oil ear test