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Synonyms for crotchety

Synonyms for crotchety

having a difficult and contrary disposition

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Annette Crosbie and June Whitfield star as the family's crotchety warring neighbours, while Jessica Hynes is a terrifying ruler-snapping school teacher.
American author Bonnie Becker has created two unlikely and endearing friends--argumentative, crotchety Bear and everoptimistic, cheerful Mouse.
Raymond Briggs was already an award-winning children's illustrator by the time he produced his crotchety Father Christmas in 1973.
EASTENDERS Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri BBC1 Crotchety old windbag Stan has always loathed his sister-in-law Babe, so after her ill-timed blab to the Carters about his terminal cancer he retaliates by telling them that Babe has been secretly covering for hideaway Shirley.
The 81-year-old widow had a reputation among townspeople as a crotchety cheapskate.
After a run-in with his neighbor, Clancy, a crotchety old Vietnam vet, Jack becomes entangled with the bartender at the local saloon and the bait in a plan to oust her as a serial killer.
Correction: a grumpier than usual person (I'm pleased to announce that the ageing process is turning me into a crotchety old woman, a curmudgeon, which it has been my life's ambition to be.
Your body will feel no different, it won't function any better and you will get bored and crotchety, and bore people with telling them how bored and crotchety you are.
Holloway is a middle-aged, crotchety man with a big heart, though he seldom shows it.
If he's anything like me, he'll be a crotchety old grump until he's had a coffee, a bowl of Cheerios and a good old swear at the telly whenever Daybreak presenter Adrian Chiles appears.
When I had the chance to play Scrooge I jumped at the opportunity - he's such a crotchety old git
Getting books out of India Knight is like being the crotchety form mistress dealing with the 'dog ate my homework' excuse.
whatever works (12a) Cast: Larry David, Evan Rachel Wood, Patricia Clarkson Plot: Writer/director Woody Allen casts another version of himself, this time getting Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David as crotchety, sarcastic Boris, a genius physicist who is forever telling everyone that he nearly won a Nobel Prize.
One would think such pampering would be a utter delight, even for crotchety and cantankerous birds such as the pelican - but no good deed goes unpunished.
Crotchety Foster and retired cop Jerry are Wayne's partners and accomplices; Victoria is his wise and God-fearing neighbor with the "rare ability to turn every word she spoke into music"; and Tatanya is his new damaged love who drives her ex's Ferrari for spite.