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Synonyms for crotchety

Synonyms for crotchety

having a difficult and contrary disposition

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INNER TURMOIL Crotchety cabbie Karl has mind battles with himself in Sick Of It
TITLE TEASER Solve the clues and rearrange the words to find the sitcom about crotchety Scottish pensioners.
HE'S getting on a bit, he's got metal in a back leg and he used to be a "crotchety mover".
"I'll remember that for every crotchety, intolerant person who rolls their eyes, there are also people like you." 
The actor is about to appear in Alan Bennett play Forty Years On in Chichester Wilson, who became a TV favourite with his crotchety catchphrase "I don't believe it!", said he hopes to take the show he planned to do last year to the stage at some point in the future in the Scottish city.
Ryan takes a pivotal role in the film and recruits her regular co-star Tom Hanks in a cameo while Sam Shepard stars as a crotchety telegraph operator nearing retirement.
Anyway, crotchety Clark is "absolutely determined" to "turbocharge" his agenda up 'ere.
Ken Kwapis' film retains the writer's wry sense of humour and episodic structure, and provides Nolte with a peach of a part as the crotchety sidekick, who wheezes and puffs in Bryson's shadow as they wander the 2,200 miles separating Georgia and Maine.
A sound-and-vision treat, with the 11 tracks each accompanied by a short film, it presents Tindersticks in their perennially wistful state, helmed by Stuart Staples and his glum-sounding, crotchety, and occasionally beyond-parody, singing voice.
The 34-year-old actress admitted she had worried about becoming "crotchety'' and not being a "fun"parent before she had her two kids but Dax, 40, put her mind at ease.
American author Bonnie Becker has created two unlikely and endearing friends--argumentative, crotchety Bear and everoptimistic, cheerful Mouse.
EASTENDERS Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri BBC1 Crotchety old windbag Stan has always loathed his sister-in-law Babe, so after her ill-timed blab to the Carters about his terminal cancer he retaliates by telling them that Babe has been secretly covering for hideaway Shirley.
The 81-year-old widow had a reputation among townspeople as a crotchety cheapskate.
After a run-in with his neighbor, Clancy, a crotchety old Vietnam vet, Jack becomes entangled with the bartender at the local saloon and the bait in a plan to oust her as a serial killer.