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Synonyms for crotchet

a sharp curve or crook


a musical note having the time value of a quarter of a whole note

a strange attitude or habit

a small tool or hooklike implement

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These were 'beau-ti-ful' as a guide for playing triplets; 'Ams-ter-dam' to represent a dotted crotchet, quaver, crotchet rhythm; 'an elephant with a wooden leg' for uneven tempo and 'a bunch of grapes' representing hand shape for playing.
In Eliza Carthy's version of the song, the fourth bar is followed by one in 3/4, where the lyrics also have an elongated 'oh' tied for three crotchets: the last crotchet of bar 4 and the first two of bar 5 (Figure 7).
But the motif is in quavers in the first section and crotchets in the second.
Dalloway, where Bell's crotchets are borne out in Woolf's portraiture, and of Mrs.
More is needed, mre and different: more understanding of her characters' crotchets, motives and ideas, and a different, layered treatment of their development.
But, as I said, it's a matter of supply and demand and punters may still prefer crotches to crotchets, as I opined in that first column.
Spiers was, incidentally, a genetics student at Cambridge before crotchets and quavers replaced DNA in his affections.
When we 'graduated' to high school she started an 'Old Crotchets Club' so that we could stay in touch.
The jewels on it are like droplets of rain and look like treble clefs or musical crotchets.
By the time I got to senior school we were being forced to read crotchets and quavers by a fearsome music teacher, putting them to regular use for the delight and delectation -- sort of -- of parents at prize giving ceremonies.
The three pieces reviewed were Clockwork Calypso, Creepy Crotchets and Dragon Dance.
He writes from within the Catholic context and with particular crotchets about the modern scene with which one may quarrel, but also with exemplary intelligence, energy, and what artists are inclined to call a good crap detector.
All existing editions of O bone Jesu are in crotchets, including Muriel Brown's, but this brings its own set of difficulties, most notably the profusion of minute note-values which make the score look cluttered.
In a five-part texture, that is essential for clarity: crotchets should not: share tails with minims.
I wrote that the "club has decided its future lies in crotches rather than crotchets.