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Synonyms for crotchet

a sharp curve or crook


a musical note having the time value of a quarter of a whole note

a strange attitude or habit

a small tool or hooklike implement

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Crotchet was raised 2lb for that eyecatching effort and will have to give weight away to everything if she's to make the breakthrough for O'Brien, but partnered by Shane Crosse, one of the best 5lb claimers around, she should be up to the task.
Richard Fahey has placed Crotchet to win twice already this term, with her most recent success coming in a competitive fillies' heat at Musselburgh last month.
Eked up 3lb by the handicapper for that verdict, Crotchet fell half a length short back at the same course last time, with her mark subsequently unchanged on 85.
Eked up 3lb by the handicapper, Crotchet fell half a length short back at the same course last time, with her mark subsequently unchanged on 85.
The blanket has been put together by a global network of women called Mother India's Crotchet Queens, which was formed by Chennai-based Subashri Natarajan last August.
He chose the name from 'velvet' and 'crotchet', meaning hook.
Inquisitr claims there's a rare chance that Kate Middleton would "strut around in sheer bottoms with crotchet edges and a bra with crafted embellishments." With the Duchess on her second pregnancy, she may have to wait after giving birth to even try on the racy lingerie, if she wanted to.
When Mozart wrote a crotchet he did not mean it to be sung as a quaver.
What is the musical term for a note that equals half a crotchet? Sounds the Same Give the two words which sound the same but have different meanings.
Sorry, this was all I could think of when you said secret menu cards, I can understand not telling you what specific dishes are on the menu but not being able to say if fish, meat or vegetables are on the menu is a bit like hiding your Gran's crotchet for fear of releasing military secrets.
The chain cascade earrings have been worn by actress Jessica Alba, and Kyler's styles pair perfectly with this season's crotchet and lace tops and dresses.
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) had arranged for me to have PT at the Crotchet Mountain outpatient clinic in Manchester, N.H.
These were 'beau-ti-ful' as a guide for playing triplets; 'Ams-ter-dam' to represent a dotted crotchet, quaver, crotchet rhythm; 'an elephant with a wooden leg' for uneven tempo and 'a bunch of grapes' representing hand shape for playing.
Which musical note is half the length of a crotchet?
when Anna Champagne was growing up in Connecticut, her mother taught her how to knit, embroider and crotchet. Soon the little girl was strolling around her neighborhood selling small pieces of beaded jewelry.