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a puzzle in which words corresponding to numbered clues are to be found and written in to squares in the puzzle


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Then and now, the unrepentant cruciverbalist (the dictionary term for a person skillful in creating or solving crossword puzzles, from two Latin words crux [cross] and verbum [word].)
"Classic Crossword Puzzles: Features 100 Favorite Puzzles: Volume 1" (9780998832210, $9.95, PB, 126pp) is a new collection to challenge the most cunning crossword connoisseur.
CodyCross Cheats & Hints: Answers For Every Level Of The New iOS Crossword Puzzle Game
Continue reading "How Teenage Crossword Puzzle Maven David Steinberg is Changing the Game" at...
* Create a crossword puzzle using solutions to your own mathematics problems.
Arthur Wynne, was born in the city on June 22, 1871 and emigrated to America at the age of 19, before he devised what is regarded as the first crossword puzzle in 1913.
We have worked hard to process the issues users have mentioned to translate the traditional crossword puzzle into a fast paced and challenging game that fits the world of mobile apps today.”
The father-of-three said the concept for his Skips Crossword Puzzle books came about when daughter Nicole was struggling to concentrate while revising for her 11+ exams last year.
I'm a longtime fan of the New York Times crossword puzzle; I rarely miss a day, and completing a Saturday puzzle is cause for a small celebration.
The crossword puzzle exercises were provided to students in three sections of an introductory business information systems course totaling ninety two students.
AS IT TURNS OUT, 14-year-old Ben Pall is not the youngest person to have his crossword puzzle published in The New York Times.
Student satisfaction with the crossword as distinct from other small group learning activities can be assessed by focused questions on different small group and active learning interventions and our findings are based on questions specifically assessing crossword puzzle "intervention."
A golfing group's pounds 5000 dream trip is bunkered and a credit card scam leaves a family holiday in ruins 49 CROSSWORD Puzzle it out to win pounds 100 on our prize crossword plus some of the wackiest true stories from around the globe 41 THE JUDGE 17 ELAINE C SMITH We should all learn about Europe, even if it's only to know where our hard-earned cash is going 22 MONEY-SAVING GARDEN OFFERS IN RIGHT AT HOME PLUS: Get great free garden tool kit Page 44
In recognition of our 25th anniversary, Arkansas Business has prepared a special Arkansas Business Crossword Puzzle. The puzzle can also be downloaded at