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Synonyms for crossroads

a community of people smaller than a village


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a crisis situation or point in time when a critical decision must be made

a point where a choice must be made

References in classic literature ?
Blanche repeated Sir Patrick's instructions relating to the crossroads, and also to the serious necessity of pursuing the investigation in the strictest privacy.
At the crossroads Billy hesitated and looked at Saxon.
That's the house--all alone at the Iron Dike crossroad, same as you see here on the map--without another within earshot.
Highly praised and recognized by the industry, DLT Solutions is a welcomed addition to the Crossroads BIA Partner Program," said Greg Reny, executive vice president of sales at Crossroads Systems.
0 stands as an exciting extension to our database security appliance launched last year," said Rob Sims, President and CEO of Crossroads Systems.
Cambridge Computer sees great value in joining Crossroads Systems BIA Partner Program, as we are able offer Crossroads' proven storage and security solutions to our extensive client base," said Deena Berton, Chief Executive Officer of Cambridge Computer.
First unveiled in October during Storage Networking World (SNW) Fall 2006, Crossroads is excited to announce general availability of RVA, which addresses the ever-growing problem of tape backup errors and drive performance.
Crossroads continues to see sustained, fast-paced growth of the Crossroads BIA Partner Program, underscoring the demand for integrated storage and security solutions," said Greg Reny, executive vice president of sales at Crossroads Systems.
Armed with a significant new line of unique BIA products, Crossroads will demonstrate new BIA solutions designed to ensure the accessibility, resiliency and security of business-critical data.
Their partnership with Crossroads positions Abba, Arkay and Patriot to efficiently and reliably respond to the growing demand for strategic, comprehensive information assurance solutions in both the public and private sectors.
Also under the direction of Sims, the company took a drastic turn by moving Crossroads off of NASDAQ to Pink Sheets in an effort to further reduce expenses.
With its commitment to delivering best-in-class connectivity solutions across the enterprise, and with the emergence of iSCSI, Crossroads is able to provide enterprise departments and small to medium businesses with the same quality, reliability and performance within the Fibre Channel product line.