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Synonyms for crosspiece

a horizontal beam that extends across something

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His executioners needed to keep Him alive until the crucifixion and so made Simon of Cyrene help carry the crosspiece.
Bend the other two 1x2 boards and nail the 1x2 crosspiece to these boards.
Even if the kite line survives and the sticks hold, likely it will be the crosspiece that gives.
The six-inch metal pole extending from the top crosspiece of the fence had caught my pants and was keeping me from touching the ground.
Admiral's Cruise ran well when third to Crosspiece at Goodwood while Munsef and Galient will have their supporters.
The Mark Johnston-trained Crosspiece and Mango Mischief (John Dunlop) have been declared for Sunday's main supporting event, the Group 3 Prix Gontaut-Biron, while Peter Chapple-Hyam looks likely to run Striving Storm in a 7f event named in honour of the great Francois Boutin.
Position a crosspiece about 1/4 inch from one end, then glue it in place.
The key for wheelchair users is to allow an inch or two underneath the crosspiece so you can readily roll under them to work.
The unit's password-protected remote control can be removed from the crosspiece for easy programming of the detector.
Nicknamed the "Christmas tree," the device has two small amber lights on each side of a top crosspiece, followed in descending order by three larger amber bulbs, a green bulb and a red bulb mounted along each side (fig.
At the hill end of the deadman, place a 3 foot tie/timber crosspiece parallel to the face of the wall and under the deadman.
shoulders be roped to the crosspiece to prolong the agony, the
Talk about strong -- the Mark 4 mount attaches to its rail with a hex nut crosspiece.
Wooden power poles are installed with the intended use of supporting wires that are mounted either directly to the pole itself or to a crosspiece.
Having a steel tank available, he took a coil of lead pipe supported on a wooden crosspiece and hung it in the tank by a wire rope.