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Unfortunately, identifying the specific taxa that produced them is not possible, but their association with various fossils from acanthodian, actinopterygian, sarcopterygian, and rhipidistian (crossopterygian) fish suggests that any of these are potential sources of the coprolites and nonspiraled cololites.
O kisteperykh rybakh roda Porolepis iz devona SSSR [On crossopterygian fishes of the genus Porolepis from the Devonian of the SSSR].
Some of the skeletal characters, and especially the bony jaw plates, mark the specimen as a surviving member of one of the most ancient groups of fishes, known as the Crossopterygians. There is no common name, for the whole family is supposed to have become extinct at least 50 million years ago, in Mesozoic time, the age of the dinosaurs.
Ostatki kisteperykh i dvoyakodyshashchikh iz amatskikh sloev Latvii i ikh zahkoronenie [Remains of crossopterygians and dipnoans from the Amata Beds in Latvia and their burial conditions].