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Synonyms for crossness

a disposition to be ill-tempered

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So, for the most part, for the two years I've been living with chronic crossness, I've experimented with a variety of symptom-management solutions, the most effective of which, from an emotionalhealth perspective, have been a) banging on about it crossly, with similarly cross people, b) banging on about it sadly, with similarly sad people, and c) refraining from correcting grammatical lapses in the social media posts of mean, shouty people - for which we surely need a halo emoji?
I think it will be strangely therapeutic and might do something to ease this level of crossness before the kids come home from school and wonder where their gentle, patient, relaxed mum has gone.
Up to September 2014, 99 awards have recognised industrial artefacts and sites such as the Holland One submarine, the Mallard, the Wellington Bomber, Crossness Pumping Station, the Falkirk Wheel and the Titan crane.
I may not have said anything, but I could feel my own crossness growing too.
Tom has said to her: "you'll be a woman some day," and Maggie, not much liking the crossness of the women she knows, answers: "But I shall be a clever woman." "O, I dare say," Tom responds, "and a nasty conceited thing.
And he takes his crossness out on poor Chantelle, pictured, who is so full of goodness she's more like a recipe on Great British Bake Off than an actual person sometimes.
"Of course, my crossness was unjustified," she concludes in the Struth piece.