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Synonyms for crossly

in an ill-natured manner

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'Well,' said the old man crossly, 'I think you might give your face a rest sometimes.'"
My boyfriend was so exasperated, he poured out the water, inspected the still-dirty tray and put it crossly in the bin.
'Just thought you'd be full of joy when you opened the window!' said the squirrel cheekily, 'Considering also that you'd be overjoyed after finishing most of the book you are writing?' 'I don't understand!' I said crossly, 'Why good breakfasts and a finished book, should be brought into this conversation between us?'
She blushed crossly and I knew I'd overstepped the mark," Wharfe said.
And a third crossly wrote: "Finally got a day off only to find that Jeremy Kyle has been cancelled to make way for some sodding royal wedding.
Crossly, the dedifferentiated component in this dedifferentiated liposarcoma with myofibroblastic features forms a firm, white mass (arrow) distinct from the larger, fatty, yellow well-differentiated component (A).
So, for the most part, for the two years I've been living with chronic crossness, I've experimented with a variety of symptom-management solutions, the most effective of which, from an emotionalhealth perspective, have been a) banging on about it crossly, with similarly cross people, b) banging on about it sadly, with similarly sad people, and c) refraining from correcting grammatical lapses in the social media posts of mean, shouty people - for which we surely need a halo emoji?
While hearing the suo motu case of utilization of luxury vehicles by ministers beyond entitlement, Chief Justice crossly asked the provincial advocate general, 'Is there anything that is being done right in Sindh?'
'Hiring doctors on salaries as excessive as 1.2 million rupees, that's how you serve your country?' CJP crossly asked.
"I remember Kai asking crossly, 'Why do people always ask for dad's photo?' It used to annoy him because he didn't know what was going on and he just wanted to have fun with his dad.
The Model 12, designed by Winchester engineer Thomas Crossly Johnson, was introduced to the shooting public in 1912.
'She has nothing to do with this case, yet she is being dragged into it', he crossly remarked.
One drawing depicts an impertinent little boy and girl, tiny urban denizens with smart clothes and skinny folded arms, gazing crossly at their parents.
She turns 50 this year, and though she refuses to discuss ageing ("ask me when I'm 90, and in a home", she says, crossly), with her son now having reached adulthood, she has more freedom than ever.
In fact, what the government is crossly ignoring is the investment in primary education which prepares the base for a healthy development of human resources.