crossing guard

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someone who helps people (especially children) at a traffic crossing

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The plans would see a sixth of school crossing guards lost, from areas all over Wirral.
After three powerfully focused character dramas - The Indian Runner, The Crossing Guard and The Pledge - he switches to the great outdoors for this epic true story.
Rochelle joins a neighbourhood watch scheme, while Drew volunteers as a crossing guard.
He acted as a road crossing guard for the local children, by whom he was greatly admired.
The salamander migrations are not unique to Vermont, of course, and the Bonnyvale center ( is preparing a handbook on setting up crossing guard programs.
It was there that we met the grocer, the crossing guard, the mayor, and the teacher who worked at Caesar's school.
"It's almost as effective as a crossing guard holding up a red stop sign."
SEAN Penn, who did such a remarkable job as the doomed killer in Dead Man Walking, is on the other side of the camera directing THE CROSSING GUARD, an intriguing tale of revenge.
The answer came back, "Print the word `Principal' on the door," followed by "Who can make nice, even letters?" Also overheard was, "The crossing guard always has her whistle in her mouth," and "My doctor has a plastic (meaning artificial) heart on his desk!" Combining all the elements of important shapes and personal color preferences in an acceptable arrangement caused the most interaction.
She worked as a cook for 19 years and a crossing guard for 28 years at Moweaqua and Central A&M schools.
Vincent Hospital for several years prior to staying home to raise her family, and in later years she worked as a crossing guard at Gates Lane School.
Thanks to their new and improved software, the vehicle can detect hundreds of distinct objects simultaneously like pedestrians, buses, a stop sign held up by a crossing guard, or a cyclist making gestures that indicate a possible turn.
- Volunteer to help teachers and administrators direct traffic during peak pick up periods, or volunteer for crossing guard duties.
Police say drivers are required to stop and remain stopped any time a school crossing guard indicates that children have entered or are about to enter a crosswalk.