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Holdover reticles are faster to use than traditional crosshair reticles, but also require a transition period.
Instead of estimating how much a single gap (such as the space between the crosshairs and top of a post) should cover at any range, counting the dots provides the information.
Stuti Jalan began her entrepreneurial journey in April 2002, with the inception of Crosshairs Communication.
map with crosshairs of a rifle scope over the districts repped by Giffords and 19 other Democrats.
The centrist Israeli Kadima Party, lead by former Foreign Minister and head of the opposition Tzipi Livni, is in the crosshairs after disagreements between her and Kadima second-in-command Shaul Mofaz, despite efforts to bridge the gap between the two and save the party from dissolution, the Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported Tuesday.
That puts the company in the crosshairs of a growing public-health debate over obesity, nutrition and marketing to children.
The line-generating lens converts the bore sighter's precise laser beam into an exact projected horizontal line for aligning the reticle crosshairs. To use, simply attach the Laser Scope Leveler to the Laser Bore Sighter, insert in the bore and match the horizontal crosshair to the projected horizontal laser beam, then tighten the scope mounts and sight-in the scope.
Futterman and Associates, LLC, the retail brokerage firm based in Manhattan, recently started the ball rolling at a 170,000 s/f parcel being developed in the South Bronx spanning from 153rd to 156th Street at the crosshairs of several major subway and bus lines.
It also has Uruguay in its crosshairs. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has forged solid relations with his Uruguayan counterpart, Tabare Vazquez, and that includes stronger energy ties.
GROUND ZERO Green crosshairs pinpoint the locations of six long-duration gamma-ray bursts that have long since faded.
It is no accident, really, that all over the world it is the poor who bear the brunt of not only direct exploitation by other people--including environmental insults like nearby location of incinerators, industrial facilities and oil fields--but also of being in the crosshairs when disasters occur.
He and others in the industry hope that material generators and recyclers can cooperate to help each other stay FACTA compliant and out of legal liability crosshairs.
The new laser crosshairs exactly mark a measuring spot in its real size of 16mm at a distance of 1.2m.
Anyone who cares about public schools should see "Public Education in the Crosshairs," the just-released first installment of a series of programs (video/DVD) called the No Child Left Behind Report.