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a lively or heated interchange of ideas and opinions

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fire from two or more points so that the lines of fire cross

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He added, Since acquiring Click Effects less than a year ago, weve been privileged to leverage the vast industry experience and know-how of the Click Effects team to take the CrossFire and Blaze technologies to the next level and deliver a fully integrated ChyronHego solution.
Crossfire Aggregate has applied for a federal air quality permit, a storm water permit, a La Plata County permit, an operating permit from the Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety, and to the Colorado Department of Transportation for an access road off of U.
It was devastating to see what was going on there but it was also inspiring to see the incredible work Children In Crossfire was doing there.
We are not yet ready to say kung kaninong bala ang tumama, but 'yung bata ay tinamaan talaga sa crossfire or in the heat of the gunfight," he said.
Aside from incidents of killings as a result of being caught in the crossfire, government operations as well as rebel offensives designed to force civilians to move to other locations have also resulted in the displacement of hundreds of people.
Considering Crossfire or Gideon Cross production, Joe Manganiello has the best TV-friendly calendar among the four.
The director, writer and producer of another film, Sheika which has won several awards, Mardoquio said that Fe V Hyde (Best Actress in Sheika) and Perry Dizon acts in Crossfire.
Crossfire is currently the most-used software for XBRL financial reporting, accounting for nearly 24% of all SEC filings to date.
The publication of Crossfire in September this year is said to mark the end of one era for the Dick Francis brand and the beginning of another.
Chrysler have made some right clunkers and the Crossfire is one of them - nasty, plasticky interior, ugly rump and hard ride.
This particular shooting gained the media's interest Real Crime: Rhys Jones - Caught in the Crossfire (ITV1, 9pm)
manufacturers of the cult classic brand (and with more than 250 patented product innovations, including the proprietary ABY braking technology for controlled and practically effortless stopping), has introduced two new styles perfect for fitness or aspiring fitness lovers alike: the Crossfire 8.
International Resource News-22 August 2008-Insignia Energy Announces Completion Results of the Crossfire Well(C)2008 ENPublishing - http://www.
But the most obvious Chrysler to benefit from the SRT treatment is the Crossfire - firstly because it's a two-seater coup, and secondly because its styling already has the "wow" factor.
Most important is the fact that CrossFire cards feature the X1900 XT GPU rather than the XTX.