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Synonyms for crosscurrent

a stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current

actions counter to the main group activity

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Crosscurrents is inpsired by other cultures' colors.
We are uncertain as to how many warp adjustments may be necessary to orient the trawl in relation to crosscurrent flow, but based on our experiences and the frequency with which warp lengths changed during our experiment, it is conceivable that several adjustment periods spanning the majority of the survey tow may be necessary, leaving minimal time for the net to actually fish symmetrically.
Shona, whose boyfriend is fiddle player Peter Tickell, brother of Kathryn and a fellow CrossCurrent member, helped to keep her father's name alive by investing some of her Fame Academy bursary in the David Kipling Music Summer School in her mother's home parish in County Kerry, offering specialist musical tuition to local children.
MEDIAN is available today, and can be obtained by calling CrossCurrent, Inc at 503-248-2290 or visiting www.
CrossCurrent conducted an agency search in advance of this debut for firms that could build its brand identity, develop company and product names, take a creative approach to message and material development, and demonstrate a proven track record with public relations.
Tomorrow (noon) Shona Mooney, fiddler in the tradition of the Scottish Borders, a member of CrossCurrent and with a debut album, Momentum, out next month; (1pm) Roger Purves, mandolin and bouzouki player, member of group Roll A Penny; (2pm) Louisa Kelly, whistle and flute player who took up Northumbrian pipes after embarking on the course.
Coolidge Colloquium, hosted annually by CrossCurrents in New York, where
In a society where free speech is often trivialized, religious dissent has become conformity, and politics rules by fear, a forum like Crosscurrents has a certain radical edge.
This issue of CrossCurrents is a sampling of the diversity and richness of such a field.
A future issue of CrossCurrents will bring some of the voices from Asia and Africa on religion, democracy, and liberalism to our readership.
He asked me a question that I could not evade: Why not an issue of CrossCurrents on social class?
a leading online foreign currency trading firm, has formed a strategic partnership with Crosscurrents Investment Advisory Service, Danbury, CT, as part of its ongoing educational efforts to keep traders informed.
Applicable Criteria and Related Research: EEI 2011 Wrap-Up Report: Crosscurrents
The concert, titled `Third Stream and Other Crosscurrents,' is at 8 p.
Made privy to the excitement generated by these currents and crosscurrents, the arts become contagious - and catalytic