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Synonyms for crosscurrent

a stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current

actions counter to the main group activity

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Wednesday (noon) Damien O'Kane, CrossCurrent member and banjo virtuoso; (1pm) Sophy Ball, fiddler and member of band 422 which is soon to release its third CD; (2pm) Yukhi Ohnogi, Japanese Celtic music performer in the tradition of whistle players Brian Finnegan and Mary Bergin.
Readers who worry about humanity's future will find in Thriving in the Crosscurrent a compelling case for hope.
Symmetry autotrawl systems, designed to react to crosscurrent conditions at towing depth, could prove to be more effective under stronger current conditions, but during our experiment, current velocities may have been too low ([greater than or equal to] 35 cm/s) for us to be able to detect a difference between the symmetry and tension towing modes.
Which side of the crosscurrents lives in the modern era?
Crosscurrents is inpsired by other cultures' colors.
The contributions to this Crosscurrents issue are published independently from the 2014 symposium; they reflect the views of the individual authors but not the views of the USHMM or the Martin-Springer Institute.
Meet in the first gallery of the special exhibition, Crosscurrents of Design, for 3 staff-led exploration of this global exchange.
- Composers Symposium: Crosscurrents I, `The Piano Reborn' (Beall)
After closing at its highest level in four years Tuesday, the market was trapped in a narrow range in the crosscurrents of buying of marine transport and precision instrument issues and selling of banks, securities and insurance issues.
The American group received a popular Senegalese song that Kusanovich, with the assistance of her dancers, choreographed into CrossCurrents, much to the delight of the Senegalese audience who watched the progress of the piece through Webcast rehearsals.
Situated at the center of the various crosscurrents that have informed New York painting in the past decade and a half, Bleckner's oeuvre affords a particularly revealing vantage on the curious recent history of that art.
While the baseline is still for solid growth, a strong labor market, and for inflation to move back up over time to the 2% target, crosscurrents such as trade tensions and concerns over global growth remain.
Crosscurrents are buffeting them all the way through Season 4," Moore said.
Over the years Crosscurrents has published many essays and articles composed in the evolving genre of theopoetics.
The concert, titled `Third Stream and Other Crosscurrents,' is at 8 p.m.