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an instance of confirming something by considering information from several sources

an illegal check (chopping at an opponent's arms or stick)

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"For the last year, I would say, we have regarded Crosscheck as being dormant," Dietrich said.
The CrossCheck Nigeria project is facilitated by a United Kingdom organisation fighting misinformation globally, Forst Draft in collaboration with International Institute for Investigative Reporting (ICIR).
"The media here is simply interested in negative stories and don't put efforts to crosscheck fact.
Crosscheck is an integrated, self-contained test device that includes a swab for sample collection after which the test is activated with a simple snap and squeeze action.
To ensure consistent application of Crosscheck results across all journals, the Publications Commission formed a subcommittee to explore the standards for plagiarism and recommend guidance for the journals.
This forces the pilot to look sideways to view the Garmin making the composite crosscheck even more challenging.
has launched CrossCheck Online, a free cloud-based service enabling translators, translation agencies and other language professionals to check translated content for formal errors such as omissions, wrong numbers, punctuation or terminology mistakes and consistency issues.
Industry rules say telemarketing firms should crosscheck their database to ensure that people who have asked not to be cold called are left in peace.
It was sated that over twenty thousand manuscripts are checked with CrossCheck each month.
In October, iThenticate welcomed the Agricultural Institute of Canada (AIC) as its 250th publisher member of the CrossCheck user community.
Film journos were trying in vain to reach Shahid to crosscheck facts.
Bytewise developed its new CrossCheck system for the quality and manufacturing test bench, and also for OEMs who want to add the capability to low-speed machines.
CrossCheck laser profile sensors are said to be perfectly suited to monitor and control web-based materials and extrusions.
US-based Crosscheck Networks Inc has launched its European operations by establishing Crosscheck Networks BV in the Netherlands, the company said on Wednesday.
CrossRef recently signed an agreement with iParadigms, LLC to launch the CrossCheck service to help verify the originality of scholarly content.