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reproduction by parents of different races (especially by white and non-white persons)

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For many years, the superiority for milk yield in Holstein breed cows has limited the use of other breeds or crossbreeding in dairy farms worldwide.
The crossbreeding has resulted in higher merit in reproduction, growth and end product to be marketed (Theunissen et al.
The reason of this divergence might be attributed to factor that farmers were interested for producing the high yielders through crossbreeding plan.
Therefore, the aim of this study was to assess the influence of crossbreeding on the quality traits of dry-cured ham, as well as acceptability of dry-cured hams produced from these pigs.
It can be a feasible, low-management alternative to traditional crossbreeding schemes.
Livestock Northwest and the Cumbria Farmer Network are holding an open day July 12 at Red House Farm, where the crossbred lambs can be viewed and Innovis's Dewi Jones will discuss the Aberdale crossbreeding programme.
Crossbreeding of animal species isn't unusual in itself, explains Zachariah Gompert of Texas State University in San Marcos.
Following the survey, the sheep breeding industry in Wales can be confidently described as having a stratified crossbreeding structure, dominated by a small number of hill ewe breeds.
Jersey and Brown Swiss genetics are popular crossbreeding choices among some dairy producers, but other breeders are looking for specific traits not found in those breeds.
Since using sperm allows crossbreeding between dogs in distant places at low cost, the Sapporo-based association hopes it will now be easier to breed dogs that have traits necessary for guide dogs.
Previously plant breeders were limited to introducing new genes through the time-consuming and inexact art of crossbreeding species that were fairly close relatives.
Metier a metisser means "weaving loom," metisser means "to crossbreed," metier by itself means on one hand "frame" or "framework" and on the other "task" or "profession." The book is thus, eponymously, a framework for crossbreeding, and through the title Rene Depestre also signifies that his task as a poet is to give witness to, and to propagate the spirit of, cultural crossbreeding.
They compare such procedures to traditional crossbreeding.
calving season, age before fattening, plane of nutrition during fattening, veterinary services, management and diseases, genotypes of animals used in crossbreeding, nutritional status before fattening, length of fattening period, and extension services can be also included.