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a bow fixed transversely on a wooden stock grooved to direct the arrow (quarrel)

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Magnanimous to the crossbowman who discharged the bolt that precipitated his lingering death from gangrene, yet he was capable of ordering the ruthless slaughter of prisoners at Acre in 1191.
Does anyone know of another zodiac starting with Pisces that involves a "lizard" for Scorpius, a man/woman for Gemini, two "lobsters" for Cancer, and a crossbowman for Sagittarius?
Becerrillo was rewarded with a share of the spoils worth one and a half times that of a crossbowman, and Leoncillo took home five hundred pesos in gold.
Cabrillo served as a crossbowman under conquistador Hernando Cortes in the bloody conquest of Central America.
Comparing the fastest, most technologically advanced crossbow on the market to an average compound bow further restricted by a subjective testing standard (AMO) is not comparing apples to apples--something legendary crossbowman William Tell is quite familiar with.