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a bow fixed transversely on a wooden stock grooved to direct the arrow (quarrel)

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The badges read "Genoese crossbowman" or "Welsh archer, Black Prince's service" or "Bohemian knight, King John's retainer" or "French knight, Count of Alencon's retainer." The names and even the coats of arms and/or badges of leading nobles in the battle are easy to fine online or in books of heraldry.
In these pages, Stow makes London's Old Jewry a synecdoche for an entire religion and people apprehended under the mark of belatedness: the Jews who dwelt there appear in his narrative as always already vanished, such as one "Benomy Mittun" (or "Bonevia Mitun") who had been the owner of a house deeded by Henry III to Semane the crossbowman, or one "Moses of Canterbury" whose house had been escheated to a Christian.
A comprehensive history of the most feared of battlefield specialists, from the Swiss crossbowman who shot King Richard I in 1199, to the technologies of the twenty-first century.
Magnanimous to the crossbowman who discharged the bolt that precipitated his lingering death from gangrene, yet he was capable of ordering the ruthless slaughter of prisoners at Acre in 1191.
Does anyone know of another zodiac starting with Pisces that involves a "lizard" for Scorpius, a man/woman for Gemini, two "lobsters" for Cancer, and a crossbowman for Sagittarius?