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a bow fixed transversely on a wooden stock grooved to direct the arrow (quarrel)

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Mr Mintz said: "PC Anderson recalled his shock at having the crossbow pointed at him and added the incident would have a long-lasting effect on him."
Three three-shot groups were fired from each crossbow at 30 yards from a rest.
I weighed one of the arrows (they are called bolts when used with a crossbow) and got 418.1 grains.
Ravin primarily focusses on the higher-end segment of the crossbow market and has developed significant intellectual property related to the advancement of crossbow technology, quickly establishing a reputation as a manufacturer of the industry's most dependable, durable, accurate and technologically-advanced line of crossbows.
A netizen who claims to be the sister of the owner posted photos of Orange on Breaking News Commune condemning whoever was so cruel to target a cat with a rusty crossbow bolt.
POTENTIALLY-DEADLY "zombie crossbows" are being sold online for just PS30, Crime Commissioner David Jamieson has warned.
Vale of Glamorgan council cabinet member for regeneration and planning, councillor Jonathan Bird, said: "A male mallard with a crossbow bolt through its leg has been handed over to swan rescue, while the incidents have been reported to the police and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.
Tests have shown that a needle fired from the miniature crossbow could crack a sheet of glass when aimed properly.
I highly recommend handling and shooting a crossbow prior to its purchase.
From my perspective, the two biggest surprises from this study were the high number of women now bowhunting and the growing number of Crossbow users who are hunting.
For use in our medieval recreations, some make lighter crossbows which use an even simpler release mechanism, consisting of a hardwood dowel or metal pipe mounted vertically in the stock which retains the crossbow string until a curved matching piece pushes the bowstring up when a trigger is squeezed.
The Revenge line has five riflescope magnifications as well as a scope for crossbow hunting.
Travel Business Review-June 6, 2011--Moog Announces Acquisition of Crossbow Technology(C)2011] ENPublishing -