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finch with a bill whose tips cross when closed

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Meanwhile, thousands of crossbills have been drawn to Kielder Forest in Northumberland by the abundance of seed offered by an excellent cone crop this year.
According to RSPB Scotland's Dr Ron Summers and colleagues in the north of Scotland, who have been carrying out research for the past six years, the Scottish crossbill's call and the size of its bill are offering clues that set it apart from the common crossbill and the parrot crossbill.
In this study, crossbill gonads always regressed during September, following a decline in circulating LH in August, a pattern consistent with both field (Berthold and Gwinner 1978, Coombs-Hahn 1993) and laboratory studies (Hahn 1995) of several crossbill forms.
Consider the white-winged crossbill, a denizen of spruce and tamarack forests from Alaska to Newfoundland.
Alan Richards, Chairman of West Midland Bird Club, said: "Cannock Chase is frequented by rare birds including the nightjar, wood lark, and crossbill.
Benkman's (1989) study of the Newfoundland Red Crossbill (Loxia curvirostra percna) provides an example of one possible scenario for such effects.
An RSPB study has proved the Scottish crossbill is the only UK species that does not live anywhere else.
BIRD NOTES With Julian Hughes | Parrot Crossbill Pic: Henry Cook OCTOBER could not slip by without mentioning rarities.
Lapland bunting, short-eared owl, crossbill and tree pipits were among the supporting cast.
A further 19 species - the bullfinch, chaffinch, common chiffchaff, common whitethroat, starling, crossbill, dunnock, garden warbler, goldcrest, greenfinch, house martin, house sparrow, lesser redpoll, linnet, mistle thrush, swallow, siskin, tree pipit and willow warbler - have also suffered significant losses.
The birds have either increased their populations or range, as a result of improvements in management of farmland for stone curlew and heathland for woodlark, or more has been discovered about their numbers, as in the case of the Scottish crossbill.
Aside from the Scottish Crossbill, which occurs nowhere else, it is the Curlew for which we hold an international responsibility.
Species which were on the 2002 red list and have now been downgraded to the 2009 amber list: Bullfinch; Quail; Reed bunting; Scottish crossbill; Stone curlew; Woodlark..
Red squirrels, goshawk, merlin and crossbill would lose out; beneficiaries include the black grouse (until the guns get them) and the landowner who stands to gain, some say, pounds 4m over three years from saleable timber.
The atlas shows that UK species such as the Leach's petrel, the Scottish crossbill and the snow bunting face extinction.