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a horizontal bar that goes across something

game equipment consisting of a horizontal bar to be jumped or vaulted over

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long thin horizontal crosspiece between two vertical posts

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It is difficult to fabricate a uniform crossbar with reliable bi-directional continuous conductance tuning due to the device variances.
Moreover, a 1024-cell electronic synapse crossbar array was fabricated with remarkable and reliable bidirectional analog switching behaviour.
The efficiency of the threshing process has been found to depend on the geometrical shape of the concave crossbars [18].
As a result, the reduction of clearance between the cylinder rasp bars and the concave crossbars is non-uniform along the concave length [20, 26].
Stuart said the thieves smashed the handle and padlock of a storage container with a hammer before breaking in and removing the aluminium crossbars.
Make two parallel crossbars from flattened bamboo lengths.
TOKYO, May 24 Kyodo The Ministry of International Trade and Industry on Monday ordered a Japanese company to recall its line of Taiwanese-made folding bicycles to check for a crossbar defect, ministry officials said.
Still, there is lack of studies considering the effect of the shape of concave crossbars on the damage and separation of corn grains.
Snowy skis go in racks that line the walls: tails sit in V-shaped grooves cut in the tops of 1-1/4- by 4-inch maple sils screwed to the floor, and the skis lean up against 1-1/4- by 3-inch maple crossbars inset with strip magnets (usually sold for cutlery).
Bright blue and green bands on the crossbars contrast with the white bed frame.
A u-shaped crossbar can be installed on the rugged, high-strength System E4 cable carriers.
According to Nanosys, Lieber and his team arranged nanowires into a simple crossbar architecture that allowed communication among tiny nanowires one ten-thousandth the width of a human hair.
A new modular transfer system for handling large sheetmetal parts spearheads the next generation of crossbar transfer presses.