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two stitches forming a cross or X

embroidery done with pairs of stitches that cross each other

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"I usually leave my embroidery work at home and carve out chunks of time throughout the week to cross-stitch. Sometimes, I even take it with me when I'm travelling.
My sister-in-law Ghada showed me how to cross-stitch and I was finally able to incorporate it into my artwork.
There are, it must be strongly emphasised, many hundreds of different ways of creating an artistically matching set of letters and numbers using cross-stitch 'dots' (actually two oppositely slanted diagonal lines that cross at a point).
I stitched them on a piece of Aida cross-stitch cloth that was about 3" x 4" so I had about a half-inch selvage edge to sew them together.
Pop culture translated into cross-stitch may be edgy, irreverent and funny.
in half, then with a perfect cross-stitch sew herself back together
Now, cross-stitch artworks are infused with beads, flowers, metallics, and glow-in-the dark threads.
You start with a cross-stitch chart and a dierent symbol is allocated to a colour."
Illustrated with color photography throughout, Easy Cross-Stitch Cards & Tags is a hands-on craftbook of twenty-seven simple card and gift tag projects that can be made through cross-stitch on an inexpensive lattice.
And Olympus Has Fallen star Gerard, who has a longstanding association with the Scots charity, decided to chip in by donating a PS1000 cheque and a "machine-made cross-stitch" artwork of his face to auction.
STAR TREK CROSS-STITCH: EXPLORE STRANGE NEW WORLDS OF CRAFTING provides needleworkers with a fun collection of some thirty cross-stitch projects made by Star Trek fans and perfect for gift-giving ideas.
She won many Lane County Fair ribbons for her cross-stitch work.
A new kind of crafter in Wales is using embroidery, cross-stitch and applique to get their message across in this new wave of "craftivism".
Drafts of my poems languish beside unfinished cross-stitch. Piano keys collect dust.
HOUSE of Horrors killer Rose West has started a club in prison - teaching fellow inmates how to cross-stitch.