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shaped in the form of a cross

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The bubble reaches its extreme cross-shaped state at [t.sup.*] = (i + 0.5)T.
For this he will be fire roasting Welsh Lamb on an Asado - a cross-shaped barbecue from Argentina - for both days of the winter fair in Builth Wells (Nov 27-28).
Biomedical engineering lecturer Dr Alasdair Clark said: "We've discovered that if we make colour pixels from tiny cross-shaped indents on a strip of aluminium film, the colour they display becomes polarisation-dependent, allowing us to encode two colours into a single pixel, and then select which colour is displayed by shining different polarisations of light at the surface.
These sensory impairments are complemented by Toym Imao's set: a sprawling, cross-shaped ramp surrounded on all sides by statues on plinths.
With its design for the Bibliotheque Alexis de Tocqueville in Caen, France, OMA set out to answer the question, "What should the future of books be?" Their concept privileged human interaction over solemn, silent reading rooms, and the resulting building, which opened in January, is a cross-shaped complex with a communal area at its heart.
NGC 2281 also lies just 1[degrees] south of a delightful cross-shaped asterism.
His tips include making a cross-shaped burn on a vampire's face bubble by mixing together bicarbonate of soda and normal malt vinegar.
In this study we proposed a method of analytical solution for boundary value problem of stress-strain state of the bending of an infinite plate with a rigid cross-shaped embedment.
The stars that make up the triangle are Altair (the lowest, in the constellation Aquila), Vega (which is the brightest of the three and in the constellation Lyra) and Deneb (a star in the cross-shaped constellation of Cygnus).
It was unique in its use of a cross-shaped ward, but the structural details remained obscure until this account, edited by Dr.
The venue is in the grounds of the Awapuni Racecourse where there is a memorial fountain in the centre of a cross-shaped pool.
Some jump into cross-shaped openings chiseled out of frozen lakes.
The new football-like droid and the Sith Warrior wielding a cross-shaped lightsaber that were seen in the film's official trailer (released last Nov.
NEW YORK * A cross-shaped beam from the wreckage of the World Trade Center can remain on display in the National Sept.
Pascal Fossat of France's University of Bordeaux and colleagues watched the crustaceans explore a cross-shaped tank that had two dark arms and two lit ones.