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a section created by a plane cutting a solid perpendicular to its longest axis

a sample meant to be representative of a whole population

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(physics) the probability that a particular interaction (as capture or ionization) will take place between particles

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Therefore, generating comparative laminar flow ratios for each of the four selected runner cross-sections potentially predicts how the runner molds will compare to each other for a given set of molding parameters.
In this method, the calculation of the fiber cross-section area is done assuming that the fiber is considered perfectly round, which is true for most synthetic fibers.
The sample is imaged during or immediately after the polishing which results in extremely short inspection times for each cross-section. Additionally, avi movies that are recorded during the cutting process can be utilized for three-dimensional reconstruction of the sample.
Geological cross-sections are useful for visualizing spatial and temporal relationships of units occurring in an area.
Typical models include low-frequency underwater transducers, acoustic horns and waveguides, stepped shafts and electromagnetic waveguides with variable cross-sections. Conventional approaches mainly consist of formulating an equivalent electric circuit (Mason, Redwood, KLM equivalent circuits [1]) or on state flow models [2], for individual segments with their subsequent integration into the system [3].
(see Table 2), taking into account (1), the refined numerical values of the allowable cross-sections [] of the current-carrying parts of the considered CCP in the power circuits of general-purpose electrical installations can be found.
Presiding over a meeting here, he said that solar panels would be installed at cross-sections at night to avoid accidents.
Anatomic reference cross-sections were obtained from five blue-and-gold macaw, seven African grey parrot, and nine monk parakeet cadavers.
So, in calculation of the cracking moment of the cross-section the shrinkage induced stresses should be accounted for.
Although the NNLO isolated diphoton production cross-sections can be calculated using the 2gNNLO and MCFM public codes, we used the most recent code MATRIX, because, in addition to its NNLO accuracy, it allows us to estimate systematic errors related to the [q.sub.T]-subtraction procedure in an automatic way (see below).
Numerical methods have been used to simulate all the roof cross-sections and results have been obtained in graphical form.
One needs to resort to electrical tests for continuity if possible, or do dye and pry or cross-sections, which are both destructive.
Moment-curvature analysis of cross-sections is of prime importance in the analysis of inelastic behaviour of cross-sections subjected to bi-axial loading and axial force.
Three points are defined as overflow violation pedestrians' crossing positions at near-side, middle-side, and far-side cross-sections.