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representing a plane made by cutting across something at right angles to its length

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The group also reviewed a cross-sectional illustrations that address voiding or delamination in the transition zone between flexible material and rigid material.
Cross-sectional shapes of the acrylic fibers are diffusion controlled, and are dependent upon the fiber spinning parameters such as solution temperature at spinneret, coagulation bath temperature, coagulation bath composition, solvent, nonsolvent, and polymer composition.
The cross-sectional area of a via should have at least the same cross-sectional area as the conductor or be larger than the conductor coming into it.
At that location, the cross-sectional area decreases and the velocity of the flow increases.
Measurements of muscle cross-sectional area were obtained using a 5 cm-wide linear-array transducer (15 MHz, HFL50x, SonoSite; Bothell, Washington) and a 6 cm-wide curved-array transducer (5 MHz, C60x, SonoSite).
The observed association between higher current concentrations of BPA in both male and female 9-year-olds with higher body fat and obesity levels is consistent with findings from other cross-sectional studies of adults and older children.
Cylinder displacement gradually increases with an increasing shape factor, whereas cylinder displacement per unit cross-sectional area gradually decreases.
The chart shows the relationship between current, conductor temperature rise and conductor cross-sectional area.
Results from a cross-sectional population study among 3775 late adolescents in Oslo, Norway.
This study will examine the relationship between the global stock market volatility and the cross-sectional dispersion of stock market returns among individual countries to the global market returns.
10 in the Lancet, is based on a cross-sectional survey in Lusaka, Zambia, and found that among 1,000 children, 84 percent had a history of measles vaccination but only 67 percent had antibodies to measles virus.
They explain models for cross-sectional data (including parametric regression models and semiparameter models), univariate U-statistics (including associated models and inference for U-statistics), models for clustered data (including parametric models, distribution-free models and solutions for missing data), multivariate U-statistics (including cross-sectional study designs) and functional response models (including model estimation).
Using a cross-sectional study design, and adjusting for potential confounding factors, they compared this information with data obtained from nearly 800 non-users and single multivitamin/mineral supplement users.
Fruit and vegetable intakes and bone mineral status: a cross-sectional study in 5 age and sex cohorts.