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representing a plane made by cutting across something at right angles to its length

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This cross-sectional area can be refined further by modifying it with known design constraints.
Like rapid prototyping, cross-sectional scanning is a layer-based process, and like optical comparators, it creates an image of a 2D profile.
To explore whether clinicians who provide reproductive health care to young female patients should screen them for abuse and exposure to violence, the researcher conducted a cross-sectional analysis of several Alaskan databases: a data file of all females who were enrolled in Medicaid at any point in 1999-2003 and who were 10-15 years old on December 31 of any study year; a database of all females in that age-group who were referred to the state's child protective services unit for investigation of physical or sexual abuse by a primary caregiver in 1999-2003; a similar database for referrals to the state's juvenile justice system; and a database of births to Alaskan residents.
All of the calculations developed over the years to determine the filling speed of the mold have concentrated primarily on the relationship and ratios of the cross-sectional area of the system.
About 22% of third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade students reported involvement in bullying as either the bully, the victim, or both (bully-victims) in a cross-sectional study of data from a school-based survey.
Karst) wood properties (moisture content [MC], SG, compression and bending strength, and chemical and biological degradation) using NIR spectra collected from the cross-sectional surface of clear wood samples.
O'Hara observed that it's impossible to tell from a cross-sectional study such as this whether sleep apnea is mediating the effect of the apo E4 allele as a risk factor for development of cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease.
We examined these capacitor areas using acoustic micro-imaging and cross-sectional analysis to detect stressed areas and cracks in the ceramic.
Previous laboratory and field studies have demonstrated that some species of brown algae (Ochrophyta, class Phaeophyceae) exhibit considerable variability in breaking force, cross-sectional area, and material strength in response to differing exposure conditions (Charters et al.
The undercut from etching distorts the shape of the track by as much as 2-mils of cross-sectional width.
Enhanced with both color and b/w photography, charts and cross-sectional diagrams of plants, "Fun Facts", a bibliography for further reading, a glossary, recipes, nutritional information, "kid friendly" activities, literary quotes and sidebars, the titles comprising this outstanding and enthusiastically recommended series include Flavor Foods: Spices & Herbs; Glorious Grasses: The Grains; Green Power: Leaf & Flower Vegetables; Hard To Crack: Nut Trees; Spill The Beans And Pass The Peanuts: Legumes; Stinky And Stringy: Stem & Bulb Vegetables; Tall And Tasty: Fruit Trees; and Yes, We Have Bananas: Fruits From Shrubs And Vines.
The dynamic site response analysis and the approximate method require the determination of the site's soil cross-sectional model in the form of the shear wave velocity profile(s).
In the presence of appropriate clinical features, the clinician should consider Lemierre's syndrome when cross-sectional imaging of the neck and chest demonstrates a thrombosed internal jugular vein and multiple septic emboli.
Although this finding supports previous research on the effectiveness of consistent condom use to prevent HIV infection (33), our cross-sectional design renders it impossible to assess whether or not HIV was acquired when condom use consistency was assessed.