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representing a plane made by cutting across something at right angles to its length

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There were people and flags everywhere and the cross-section was jam-packed right from Babul Qasim gate of historical Qasim fort, the slope leading to the clock tower cross-section and further to a Jamia mosque located in the middle of the Chowk.
The proposed refined approach to the selection of the allowable cross-sections Su of wires and cables in circuits of electrical installations for general industrial purposes.
In Section 2.3, the NNLO cross-section results are presented and compared to LHC data.
As a rule, the shrinkage along with creep strains is taken into account for the long-term analysis of the cross-section. Actually, this is a rare case for the short-term deformational analysis of the elements.
It has a distinct morphology, recognizable before soldering and in cross-section imaging before or after soldering.
Consider the cross-section subjected to the action of the external bending moments about both global axes and axial force as shown in Figure 1.
where [E.sub.pj], [m.sub.pj], [[delta].sub.pj], and [A.sub.pj] = [[pi][r.sup.2.sub.j] represent the elastic modulus, mass per unit length, viscous damping coefficient, and cross-section area, respectively.
Isomeric cross-section ratios and total cross-sections for the Se-74(n,2n)Se-73-g,m,Zr-90(n,2n)Zr-89-g,m and Mo-92(n,2n)Mo-91-g,m reactions.
Particularly, changing of river cross-section is most evident changes of size, shape and composition.
This is accomplished through the propeller cross-section whereby the wicking channels within the fiber and between fibers quickly move sweat to the surface of the garment where it is evaporated.
The company has also developed a nanofiber with a Y-shaped cross-section in addition to those with triangle and polygonal cross-sections.
[9] studied the various in wall thickness and cross-section under various operating parameters and mandrel parameters for the NC bending of TA18 tubes and presented a method for quickly determining the range of the axial mandrel feed.
Based on this model, the correlation between the amount of fibres in the crack failure cross-section and tensile strength during composite split test has been established.
London-based artist Kovats said: "The cross-section is a way of understanding anything in the natural world."