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refer from one entry to another, as in catalogues, books, and lists

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The consistency of Durandus' mind can be tested by cross-referring with Andrieu's edition of his Pontifical, which Durandus wrote during his years at Mende, and which became the standard book for bishops' services in a matter of years, through its clear arrangement, its attention to detail, and its prescription for every conceivable liturgical movement in church.
Wake County North Carolina Human Services Division has implemented Softscape's case management solution to standardize intake across all human services and create a single database for all homeless clients, simplifying the method for cross-referring clients to other appropriate services.
This led to a considerable amount of cross-referring SME customers, ensuring that they got maximum value from UK government during their time at Seawork.
According to Tom Huntington, Vice President of Technical Services, besides cross-referring their respective solutions, the two companies may engage in joint marketing activities.