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refer from one entry to another, as in catalogues, books, and lists

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Berman, chief executive of Qualicare, the largest IPA in the Western Cape (some 649 GPs) said patients allowing Discovery access to 'a lot of intimate data' opened up the prospect of it being accessed or cross-referred at any time.
So anyone with access to their computer network can tap in an old NI number and be cross-referred to the new one - complete with the new name and address.
Now with the publication of the Planning Green Paper, Planning: Delivering for Wales, (4) there is even greater need for simplicity and clarity about basic policies, coordinated and cross-referred guidance, and basic processes to get design properly considered in development control.
Collective works are listed under their titles and at times there are references to the various papers they include or to a book review which, I assume, does so, but they are not always listed or cross-referred under the name of their main editor: there is no reference, for instance, under "de Libera" to Langages et philosophie: Hommage a Jean Jolivet (1997) (no.
Particularly valuable in the case of Alessandro are the supplements listing editions of cantatas and church pieces in unpublished dissertations; their usefulness would have been enhanced if each entry had cross-referred to the relevant dissertation by item number instead of merely by the dissertator's surname.