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a reference at one place in a work to information at another place in the same work

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Bear in mind these also change over time, however changing values in cross-reference tables can cause havoc when indexing new items, or when searching, particularly if users are forced to select values from this type of data.
Through back-end technology, the Paychex (k)Index tool cross-references investments on the Paychex 401(k) recordkeeping platform with a variety of broker/dealer rosters.
Once the system is in place, employers will be required to submit a new cross-reference key ("hash") each time they make a payment.
result, state law often cross-references federal law as the rule of
Companies with Enhanced Listings appear in Red in the cross-references.
Deletes unnecessary text on structuring of contracts and unnecessary cross-references; updates policy on source selection evaluation factors; and relocates to PGI, procedures for preparation of source selection plans and examples of source selection evaluation factors.
/ If you listen with the ear, you will never get it; / when you hear with the eye, everything is clear and undisguised." Cross-references, lineage charts, and biographical notes round out this excellent and highly accessible primary source for students, practitioners, and scholars of Zen Buddhism.
The numerous extensive cross-references and indexes make Videohound's Golden Movie Retriever 2006: The Complete Guide To Movies On Videocassette And DVD the best of show, hands-down.
A few columns of text provide the essential background information and establish cross-references to the other volumes.
It explains more than 4,000 Federal tax terms, including regulatory definitions and actual tax "slang." Numerous cross-references to treatises and other tax publications in the RIA Tax Library are also included, allowing tax advisers to use it as a research link, as well as a desktop reference.
Indeed, Donaldson's cross-references are both a distraction and a delight.
New terms are connected to old, with cross-references to Internet terminology where appropriate.
Broad subjects such as migration, plumage, and threats to bird-life are treated in essay form, while aspects of physiology and anatomy are detailed catalog-style with a multitude of cross-references. Appendices include "Checklist of North American Birds," "Classification of Major Categories of Extinct Birds," and "Birdwatcher's Calendar." Princeton U Pr, 2004, 1,039 p., b&w illus., hardcover, $39.50, For people with concerns about their health overseas, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides an efficient site that cross-references regions, diseases, and recommended vaccinations.
But while Pettibon's stories extend in different directions through a cluster of individual pages, Sasnal's work is open to a sequential reading, though one charged with cross-references, capable of being read back and forth.