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refer from one entry to another, as in catalogues, books, and lists

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By the time we got the name of one game straight and could mentally cross-refer it correctly, some dozen more had come up in the conversation, along with the names of makers and distributors and competitors.
Although they don't share fees, Hoff and the other professionals in the office regularly cross-refer clients.
The agreement between the two banks will cross-refer clients.
This suggestion of a co-operative health care model where practitioners of both philosophies and therapies cross-refer clients when appropriate has much merit.
A large part of her role also involves business networking, and, to boost her fundraising potential, Carole recently decided to join BNI Merseyside, a group of businessmen and women who meet over breakfast to network and cross-refer new business leads to one another.
For business-to-business referrals, create a partnership to cross-refer potential customers.
A Ford spokesperson said: "The Ford Pension Funds are required to pay pension increases in line with provisions that cross-refer to the relevant legislation.
However, although the essays are certainly related chronologically and by their connection with trade in some way, we are still, at the end of the day, presented with a book of essays that cannot decisively cross-refer with one another except coincidentally, and reveal aspects of the larger subject without telling an overarching story.
Team members share and cross-refer relevant information to other disciplines either here in Birmingham or to other specialists in the firm's offices around the UK.
She is one of seven professionals living within a single square mile who cross-refer business to each other.