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a question asked in cross-examination

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After the judgement by the accountability court, Shehbaz was shifted to NAB Lahore office, where he will be further cross-questioned by the monetary watchdog.
As the hearing resumed, Nawaz's counsel cross-questioned Panamagate Joint Investigation Team (JIT) head and prosecution's star witness Wajid Zia.
According to the Dawn, during today's hearing five prosecution witnesses, who are likely to record their statements, will also be cross-questioned by Nawaz's attorney, Advocate Khawaja Haris.
ISLAMABAD -- Justice Amir Hani Muslim has remarked the dishonesty of any candidate is not proved unless Returning Officer (RO) is called and cross-questioned.
The UK, like all other member countries, nominates an individual as a commissioner, who will be interviewed and cross-questioned by members of the Parliament, and can be turned away if they fail to convince the interviewees of their competence.
Ram cross-questioned him about the rest of the conversation where Chawla tells Radia that Mukesh Ambani is approaching the Supreme Court through a wrong channel via London and advises him on what is the right way to approach the court.
Apparently she calls the room where she was cross-questioned "the evil room".
The ad, directed by Simon Delaney, is set in McCarthy era America and sees a man being cross-questioned for meeting other drinkers in a bar.
When aunty cross-questioned him, uncle told her that RS, who was too young, (almost the age of his sons) would not use his spouse's name "Manno" while addressing the telegram to an elderly person like him.
In courts of law no one could be cross-questioned persistently and those summoned to appear before select committees or judicial enquiries could not be examined in any way which made them unhappy or uncomfortable.
These presenters were cross-questioned by two homosexual committee members, Real Menard, BQ, and Svend Robinson, NDP.
However, the accountability court summoned JIT head Wajid Zia to appear on Thursday when he will be cross-questioned by Nawaz's counsel in connection with the reference concerning Al-Azizia Steel Mills.
The accused have been given exemption from the appearing in the court on Tuesday.On Monday, Maryam's counsel Amjad Pervaiz cross-questioned National Accountability Bureau's (NAB) investigation officer Imran Dogar, who was the last prosecution witness.
ISLAMABAD -- A two-judge bench of Supreme Court cross-questioned government officials on Thursday over a three-week long protest at Faizabad Interchange that paralysed the twin cities.
Kaneria said he has come all the way from Pakistan to seek justice but it is strange that Westfield isn't showing up to be cross-questioned by his lawyers and an independent panel.