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fertilization by transfer of pollen from the anthers of one flower to the stigma of another

stimulating influence among diverse elements

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Fruit set under open pollination and manual xenogamous cross-pollinations on 10 selected trees of Tirumala Hill population Tree Fruit set (%) Fruit set (%) number (open (hand cross- pollination) * pollination) ** TH1 4.3 24.2 TH2 9.8 12.0 TH3 3.4 19.2 TH4 2.4 19.0 TH5 2.9 31.6 TH6 4.1 26.4 TH7 4.0 15.2 TH8 1.8 16.8 TH9 8.7 33.7 TH10 4.1 10.8 * = average of 10 inflorescences/tree; ** = average of 125 pollinations/tree.
Gains will come not just from mainstream security offerings, but also from savvy cross-pollinations. Adaptive backup is one such exciting hybrid technology on the horizon.
CROSS-POLLINATIONS: The Marriage of Science and Poetry GARY PAUL NABHAN
FSAC/ACEC is proud of our past, and looking forward to the institutional cross-pollinations and networking that must come with the next 25 years of Canadian cinema.