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If you grow multiple open-pollinated varieties of a cross-pollinating crop, you'll need to separate the varieties by distance or barriers; otherwise, the pollen will mix and the resulting seed will produce a combination of the varieties.
The initiative, spurred by Silk Road, which focuses on Asian and Middle-Eastern American works, "aims at cross-pollinating audiences and expanding the makeup of the art from the ground up," says artistic director Jamil Khoury.
After 25 years of carefully cross-pollinating plants with a paintbrush, he's got 33 varieties, all carrying the name Pensham.
These county-by-county bans bring up a puzzling question: How are farmers in Marin County going to stop neighboring Sonoma's GMO cooties from wafting across the county line and cross-pollinating their GMO-free crops?
(P&G) is cross-pollinating its household cleaning brands, bringing the scent and the odor-removing capabilities of its Febreze brand to its Tide, Downy and Bounce laundry product lines.
Genetically modified seed blowing over from a neighbor's field cross-pollinating with non-GMO crops would not only produce a crop they don't want, but also make the neighbor liable for theft of patented property.
Cross-pollinating Hong Kong's creative effervescence with Hollywood professionalism seems like a risky exercise to some.
It is common knowledge that cultivated plants often exchange genes with wild varieties (often weeds) by spontaneously cross-pollinating with them (this is known as "gene flow" in specialist circles).
The seedlings resulted from cross-pollinating two mature chestnuts.
Before the term "interdisciplinary" existed, Higgins called his work and that of his colleagues "inter-media," referring to the collaborative and cross-pollinating performative approach that defied media-based categorization.
"The oil seed plant is very good at cross-pollinating and that means this contaminated crop is passing on its herbicide tolerance to other crops nearby.
The seed-saver must also be aware of which plants are self-pollinating and which are cross-pollinating.
Keep in mind the scale is only a general guideline; a wet or dry year, hot or cool weather, and cross-pollinating can modify the rating.