cross-leaved heath

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dwarf European shrub with rose-colored flowers

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The surface of the bog is waterlogged in many places providing habitats for sphagnum mosses and other uncommon plants such as crowberry, cross-leaved heath and hare's-tail cotton grass.
Roedd y grug croesddail (Erica tetralix; cross-leaved heath) a grug yr ysgub (Calluna vulgaris; heather) yn eu blodau ac addewid am lawer mwy.
Plants in the peatlands include the original peat-forming bog-mosses and dwarf shrubs such as heather, and cross-leaved heath which give colour to our hills in autumn as well as the insectivorous sundew which is adapted to nutrient-poor conditions.
Y grug croesddail (Erica tetralix; Cross-leaved heath) ydi'r grug hefo'r blodau fel llusernau bach pinc ac mae hwn yn tyfu yn y mannau gwlyb ac ar y gorgors.
The ecological importance of Bewick and Beanley Moors lies in its great range and variety of botanical habitats, which include extensive areas of wet heath with heather, purple moor-grass, cross-leaved heath, deergrass, bilberry and tormentil, along with areas of peat bog and marsh.
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