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Synonyms for cross-index

a reference at one place in a work to information at another place in the same work

make an index that refers from one point to the next

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This hefty volume of more than 110 000 entries is arranged alphabetically and is cross-indexed in a main entry-subentry format.
The entries are cross-indexed in four appendices: alphabetically, by opera, by language, and by historical period.
Cross-indexed, this is a guide that separates worthwhile websites from those that are essential a waste of time and effort.
Examples in the first volume are commonly cross-indexed to the texts, and the second volume carries this further.
The guides were developed as resources for schools to infuse conflict management skills into school culture and existing classroom curricula and contain hundreds of lessons that are cross-indexed according to the conflict concept.
He said the images are cross-indexed so a soldier's image will appear under his name and again with his regiment.
The directory, dubbed ICT Solutions - Made In The West Midlands, will provide detailed information on more than 150 IT and interactive media companies, with 70 profiled and cross-indexed to customer sectors.
Users access it through a cross-indexed, searchable knowledgebase that is published as the Finance Data Library.
The dictionary is presented very neatly and is quite easy to use, with cross-references and alternative or equivalent terms being cross-indexed. All of these characteristics make this an outstanding resource for consultation, and to introduce students to the riches of worship and liturgy not only of the Christian churches and beyond, but of other religions as well.
A proprietary conversion process then pulls relevant information from the documents, creating a database with more than 75 fields cross-indexed by physical location, names and document references.
All are cross-indexed, searchable and linked to relevant teaching resources.
(3) This extensively cross-indexed work will be expanded to cover the rest of the Tudor age in 2004 with publication of Elizabethan Poetry: A Bibliography and First-Index of English Verse 1559-1603.
The 2003 directory lists 1900 company names and contact details, including websites, e-mail addresses, plant locations, trade names and generic products that are cross-indexed by producer and country.
(Data Dowalink adopted the "Alacra" name in June 2001.) "Our initial 'value-add' was to deliver quantitative business information to information consumers, over the Web, in the form of a spreadsheet." Data Dowalink's first service, introduced in April 1997, aggregated and cross-indexed more than 70 premier business databases, delivering information directly to Microsoft Excel, HTML, Microsoft Word, and PDF formats on the user's desktop.
Gilbert figured that if a fact-laden synopsis of a clipping was indexed and cross-indexed with other clippings, he could discover in seconds, for instance, what was happening in terms of car dealerships in a certain area in a certain time frame.