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difficult to deal with

of timber

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As he opened the door the cross-grained greyhound poked out her sharp muzzle from under the sofa, and barked and snapped at him.
'I'm not a cross-grained man by natu', I believe; and easy satisfied, I'm sure.
The milieu Carruthers reconstructs--persuasively, and not without a touch of polemical bite--is 'cross-grained', ironic and full of destabilising surprises.
Theodor Adorno (following Walter Benjamin's adage that history needs to be written from the point of view of the vanquished and not the victors) is quoted to show how theory has 'to deal with cross-grained, opaque, unassimilated material, which as such admittedly has from the start an anachronistic quality, but is not wholly obsolete since it has outwitted the historical dynamic' (p.
The resulting portrait-quirky, cross-grained and inclusive-deconstructs the simplistic black/white opposition Lourie had envisioned before spending time in the Delta.
Hugh MacDiarmid, the great Scots poet, reckoned that his drinkers (and he was referring here to the morose boozers of Glasgow) preferred "the hard-bitten, the recalcitrant, the sarcastic, the saturnine, the cross-grained and the cankered" to the sort of confiding, intimate, ingratiating, hail-fellow-well-met drinkers found in the rest of the British Isles.
The good bits are all my own." When he had stopped smiling, a cross-grained reader--like this reviewer--might nonetheless suspect such cheerful defiance of convention of concealing a certain unevenness of texture, and the cross-grained reader would, alas, be right.
Colonial doors were designed so that the frames had virtually no cross grains, whereas the panels, which were cross-grained, were allowed to slide into joints (Figure 9).
half have no love of the game he loved, but all loved him, that cross-grained, rare man whose sending off's brought them to fill this place for one last time and holds them still.'